ANDJÉ (Andrzej Pietrzyk)


ANDJÉ, Born in Poland in 1959 (near Cracow).Art diploma at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.
Painter & Sculptor.
French government scholarship to the Ecole of Beaux Arts.
„As a young student at the Ilja Repin Art Academy in St. Petersburg, I found the socio-realistic teaching methods most threatening and considered the possibility
of leaving. At that time my professor Michail Konstantinowitsch Anikuschin said to me: „You don´t need to be afraid, gold doesn´t rust.
Now is the time when you can learn the basics that art
history and tradition provide.“ I listened to his words, which at that time I
certainly didn´t understand, turned back and continued my studies.
Moreover, up to today I still take pleasure in recalling the wise words of my professor and dear friend.“
Andjé now lives and works in Linz, Austria.
From 1999 to 2002 he worked in Berlin.
He resumed his sculptural activities in 2002 in Linz.
One can sense his desire for new and experimental ideas in both his studios and his work.
Hence the fact that Andjé repeatedly demonstrates an alchemistic inquisitiveness.
1987 “Artistes du Monde”, Gallery Bernanos, Paris
1989 Polish Sculpture 1979–89, Galerie Zacheta, Warsaw
1990 Exhibition of sculptures during the S. Mrozek theatre festival in Teatr Stary, Cracow
1990 Sculpture park, St. Valentin, Austria (permanent exhibition)
1994 Sculpture park, Botanical Garden, Linz, Austria (permanent exhibition)
1994 Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Riedersbach, Austria (permanent exhibition)
1995 Exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Gallery Forum, Wels, Austria
1996 Exhibition of sculptures, Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria (permanent exhibition)
2000 Exhibition of paintings, Anton Bruckner Zentrum, Ansfelden, Austria
2001 Exhibition “There where light is found”, Steglitz, Berlin
2002 Exhibition, LINZ – BERLIN – LINZ paintings, artist’s atelier, Linz, Austria
2005 – 2006 Monumental bronze sculptures and portrait busts (public/private
2006 – 2007 Sculpture and painting series, „The Chosen“, artist’s atelier, Linz, Austria
2004 – 2013 Public and private ownership exhibitions,
collections in Austria, France, Spain and Poland
March 2013: “Zachanassian”, Lentos Museum, Linz, Austria (permanent exhibition)
September 2013: Portrait bust of H.J. Angerlehner and paintings,
Museum Angerlehner, Wels, Austria
2014: exhibition UBS Bank Collector, Sculptures and paintings
2014: founding of a atelier in Miami
2015: Exhibition in Warschau Piekna Gallery
Thadeus Kantor exhibition Bronze Sculptors
2015: exhibition with Rudolf Budja gallery, art miami.
2016 Februar: founding of a atelier in New York
2016 März: exhibition in Salzburg connect&Sensibility; the artist modeled live a bust from the princess and actress Sunnyi Melles Sayn-Wittgenstein, Rudolf Budja gallery, Salzburg
2016 April: Finalisation oft he monumental sculpture „the golden Bukephalos“ Bronze (12 tons, exhibition may and june 2017, Vienna, Michaelerplatz
2017: „the golden Bukephalos“, skulpture bronze 65 kg, Collection Swarovski




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