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The golden „Bucephalos“
What moves an artist to create the statue of a horse in dimensions measuring four and a half metres in height and five metres in length?
What fascinates me is the symbiosis between culture and nature comprised of mimesis and poiesis. I am part of the tradition of monumental sculpture and my aim is to achieve the absolutely impossible through a blend of the manual and cerebral, the technical and the beauteous.One question that constantly sets the tone during my work is the extent to which a single person can make things happen. Imagine the results if everyone of us were to nurture our common cultural roots and nourish them through an awareness of our traditions.Would we thus not grow stronger in the future? At this moment, before my eyes I can see the Colleoni equestrian monument, which is archetypical of our traditions. However, Verrocchio’s masterpiece is barely existent within the hearts and minds of our society. It is regrettable that we are distancing ourselves from our heritage and our innate historical memory. Much has become wasteland. Through the creation of the horse, I wished to both tend our shared origins and invigorate my own. This intention was closely related to birth and the natal process, and hence the umbilicus, root systems and threads, etc. The horse emerged from this intrinsic desire to create and then kicked off its traces and galloped into existence. This also applies to us, as with strengthened roots, we too could grow into life. Therefore, it is tragic when we cease to be conscious of the very essence of our existence.
What should the viewer take away from an encounter with the horse?
I hope that those that study my horse closely may well gain a sense of their own vitality and provenance. Connectivity and freedom, generosity, idealism and tolerance all represent human traits that should radiate from the work. The monument constitutes an emotional and mental springboard for free thoughts and feelings. In fact, the horse also embodies a great many aspects of my childhood such as wildness, energy, a longing to spread my wings and to a certain degree, my wish to also rein in the galloping stallion within me.
What was the most difficult aspect of the creation of this sculpture?
The mobilisation of external assistance and the constant rekindling of my self-motivation. This was exhausting, as was the search for people possessing enthusiasm for my idea. History provides innumerable examples of the fact that the horse has always served heroes and now it has become a symbol of heroic endeavour. It stands for toil and endurance, goodwill, vigour and beauty. The horse also portrays the elemental vitality of our civilizational history, as it first made mobility possible and indeed, vast amounts of horsepower were required to unite statics, technology, logistics, the coordination of art foundries, tube forming specialists and transport companies, etc. for a single artistic objective. Equally, immense effort was needed in order to bestow the horse with the lightness of the wind and the primordial power of fire.

– Length: 5m, height with substructure: 8m, weight: approx. 12t, material: bronze –
Andjé in conversation with Mag. W. Rodlauer.



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