Monumental, fast and universal. These are the three adjectives that best characterize Andjé’s works.


His paintings are universal. His drawings are completed at speed on an IPAD, handmade, or transparent paper and his modeling sessions are as rapid as the painterly dialectic on his canvases. Last, but far from least, his working methodology is universal and knows no boundaries.”
Dr. Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz.
Born in Poland in 1959, Andjé first studied art in his homeland before moving to the Ilja Repin Art Academy in St. Petersburg, where he completed a course in monumental sculpture. At this early stage, he was already a universal, creative artist and subsequently continued his training in socialist Leningrad. This was followed by a scholarship for the highly gifted to the École des Beaux Arts in Paris and a move to Berlin, where he lived between 1999 and 2002. Linz in Austria has gradually become the center of his life since 1991 and from this point in time onwards, he has steadily created his splendid home and refuge. From Linz, he travels the world. To the Biennale shows in Venice and in Istanbul, to the Art Basel and to Miami, where during a longer sojourn he discovered his love of IPAD drawings. However, while there he also developed sculptures and worked on numerous paintings. As a consequence, since 2014, Andjé has lived and worked in Miami during the winter months, primarily with the Art Basel Miami Beach in view. In February 2016, he also began to periodically use New York as a location for work.
Andjé’s oeuvre addresses all of our senses. The artist, who has turned his Linz studio into a complete artwork, is himself a sensualist and as a universal artist has an approach that is redolent of the Renaissance and Baroque masters. His drawings, paintings and sculptures form both an inseparable entity and a combination based on three-dimensional principles that is also self-supplementary.


Dr. Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz


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